2. Menu of snacks and dishes to take home"

Menu of snacks and dishes to take home

Menu of snacks and dishes to take home


"Niguiri" of marinated bonito and candied cabbage and salads

Chestnut cream with trumpets

Cod brandade with roasted pumpkin

Prawn carpaccio ravioli with mushrooms

Duck pâté with nuts and trumpets

Price: 16€/person

Assortment of shepherd's cheeses, different breads, quince and seasonal jams... €8/portion


Spinach salad, Glaüc cheese, quince and seed vinaigrette....€8

Cookies filled with brandy with cod and cod tripe, cabbage and tubers...€12

Roasted beetroot with bean hummus and hazelnut oil...€10

Calçots pizza with "Romesc" sauce, bacon, anchovies and escarole...€10


Cod with roasted artichokes and mild saffron aioli...€19

Squid stuffed with "sobrassada" with mushrooms....€20

Fish from the local seafood market with green beans, tomato, onion and chopped almonds...€24

XL roast cannelloni with trumpet mushrooms béchamel...€13

Lamb from shepherd Joan Picas: roasted shoulder, stewed timbale and ribs with potatoes and onions...€18


Tatin with apple, vanilla cream and biscuit...............6€

Our Massini: whipped and burnt cream, truffle and strawberry....€6

Taormina: praline, lemon and crunchy hazelnuts.....€6

Assorted cake slices: 4 different flavours...€7